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1910 - Luitpold-Werk was founded in Munich, Germany by August Karreth. The company was named in honor of the Regent of Bavaria, Prince Luitpold.  Dr. Karreth chose the impressive and majestic Church of Our Lady Cathedral (Frauenkirche) in Munich with its pair of identical spires, a symbol used today in the company's logo, as a fitting symbol to represent his new company. 


1978 - Luitpold entered the US market. The opportunity presented itself through the acquisition of Natcon Chemical Co., founded in 1947 and based in Long Island, NY which continues to serve as our corporate headquarters today. This small, independent company produced a variety of drug products, including injectables, marketed through its American Quinine division. When Natcon moved its headquarters to the eastern end of Long Island, the small injectable company was reborn as American Regent Laboratories, Inc.  In 2002 the name was shortened to American Regent, Inc.


1984 – Approval granted for Adequan® (Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan), to treat equine joint disease.

1991 - Luitpold was sold to Sankyo Co., Ltd. of Japan, one of Japan's largest pharmaceutical companies after the founder’s two sons decided to sell the company as there was no successor to take on the family business.  This allowed Sankyo to benefit from Luitpold’s sales network and experience in development and manufacturing.


1996 - American Regent introduced Dexferrum® (iron dextran injection, USP) and in 2000 received FDA approval for Venofer® (iron sucrose injection, USP), which has become the #1 prescribed IV iron in the US.


2005 – Sankyo merged with Daiichi Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. which allowed the two major Japanese companies to combine their strength and experience to maximize global opportunities.


2009 - Luitpold Pharmaceuticals acquired PharmaForce Inc., a fully-integrated specialty injectable pharmaceutical company based in Columbus, Ohio.  This acquisition strengthens the product development capabilities of Luitpold and expands our range of products.


2011 - Regency Therapeutics is established after the acquisition of Roxro Pharma, a US company developing products for the treatment of acute pain. Roxro’s first product, Sprix® had been approved by the US FDA in May of 2010 and was launched by Regency Therapeutics in May of 2011.


Future – Over the next three years, Luitpold Pharmaceuticals is making a substantial capital investment in equipment and facilities in Shirley NY and Columbus, OH.  This commitment in state of the art technology will ensure Luitpold’s continued success in producing high quality therapies while expanding into new therapeutic markets.